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Delabole Slate. Superior handcrafted Cornish slate products direct from the world renowned Delabole Slate Quarry in Cornwall.<br>
Roofing Slate - sized slate, randoms, peggies/scantle Worktops - kitchen, bathrooms, bar tops, countertops Slabs, Sills and Hearths - hearths, window sills, mantles, shelves, stair treads Flooring - traditional random, sawn & riven tiles Building Stone - blue/grey, sawn & natural face, rustic Landscape and Paving - rockery, hedging, feature stones, paving, chippings Memorials and Headstones - bespoke commemorative plaques House Signs - standard pet memorials & plaques Homeware and Clocks - table mats, pastry boards, chess boards Industrial Minerals - slate powders, slate granules
Landscape and Paving
PRODUCT INFORMATION: Landscape & Garden Stone - Slate Paving, Slate Chippings, Feature Stone, Rockery & Hedging Stone

Delabole Landscaping Stone is specially selected and supplied just as it comes from the quarry. Most will be shaped by nature from the geological faults and break out on the cleavage plane. Some may have drill holes or wire cuts from the extraction process.

Colour... The predominant colour of Delabole Slate is Dark Blue/Grey with attractive natural variations from sparkly quartz to autumnal brown tinges.

Size & Weight... Material Bulk Density:- 2800kgs per cubic metre.
Individual stones are according to the product as follows:

  • Feature Stones
  • ...The largest of all our stones! They can be long thin "Standing Stones" or huge rockery stones.
    Length...... From 600mm (24") to approx. 6 metres (20ft).
    Width....... From 600mm (24") to approx. 2 metres (6ft 6").
    Thickness. From 500 to 1000mm (20" - 40").
    Weight: From 250kgs to approx. 10 tonne.
    Shape: Tell us what you are looking for and we will find it or, book a visit to the quarry and choose your own from our large stock of feature stones.

  • Rockery Stone
  • ...Smaller, random sized pieces of slate for creating the perfect rockery, or can be used as decorative features throughout the garden. Available in small and medium.
    Small Rockery... Size, up to approx. 400mm (16") in any dimension. Weight, from 10kgs to 50kgs per item.
    Medium Rockery..Size, up to approx. 600mm (24") in any dimension. Weight, from 50kgs to 250kgs per item.

  • Hedging Stone
  • ...Suitable for garden, farm & road hedges or large commercial hedging contracts. Can be supplied on pallets (in wire mesh frame) for small quantities, or via tipper vehicle for large projects.
    Size:... From approx. 300mm to 600mm (12" - 24")
    Weight:. From 10kgs to approx. 50kgs per stone.

    Delabole Slate Chippings are an attractive and practical option for mulching and decorative landscaping applications. They are specially processed to reduce edge sharpness making them iminently more suitable for "foot traffic" areas than any other slate chipping you can buy.
    Colour:... Blue/Grey
    Size:....... From 50mm down to 15mm (2" to 1/2").
    Supply:... Available in 25kg bags or approx. 1 tonne Bulk Bags.
    Cover:.... Approx. 20 sq.m. per tonne @ 25mm thick.

    Delabole Slate has been used for paving for many centuries, establishing a reputation for it's lasting quality.
    Specification - All paving products:
    Thickness:... Nominal thickness from approx. 20 to 40mm (0.75 to 1.5").
    Cover:....... Approx. 12.5 sq.m. (15sq.yds) per tonne.
    Colour, Size & Shape:- All as product details below.

    Products available:
    Blue/Grey Riven Paving... Hand split from our famously strong and long lasting Delabole Blue/Grey slate mined from deep in the quarry. It has high compressive strength and excellent wear resistant properties and is ideally suited for high traffic paving areas.
  • Crazy Paving
  • ...Random irregular shapes and sizes from approx. 300x 300mm to 900x600mm (12"x12" to 36" x 24").
  • 1-3 Sided Paving
  • ...Sawn on 1, 2 or 3 sides and sizes up to approx. 500x250mm (20"x10"). Ideal for making edges to crazy paved patios and pathways.
  • 4 Sided Paving
  • ...Sawn on all 4 edges to random sized rectangles. Mixed sizes up to approx. 500x250mm (20"x10").
  • Extra Large 4 Sided Paving
  • ...As above but larger sizes. Minimum size 400x400mm (16"x16") and up to approx.600x600mm (24"x24").
  • Coursed 4 Sided Paving
  • ...Sawn on all 4 edges to a set width of 250mm & 200mm (10" & 8" wide).
    Additional options...Sided paving can be cut to sizes at extra cost.

    Rustic Riven Paving... Hand split from weathered rock and predominantly coloured browns, yellows and other mixed autumnal colours. Less durable than blue/grey paving and suited to low traffic areas.
  • Crazy Paving only
  • ...Random irregular shapes and sizes from approx. 300x300mm to 750x450mm (12"x12" to 30"x18").

    Blue/Grey Sawn Faced Paving... Garden slabs sawn on both faces to give a relatively smooth finish.
  • 4 Sided Sawn Faced Paving
  • ...Sawn on all 4 edges to random rectangles. Mixed sizes up to approx. 600x300mm (24"x12").
  • Extra Large 4 Sided Sawn Faced Paving
  • ...As above but larger sizes. Minimum size 400x400mm (16"x16") and up to approx. 900x600mm (36"x24").

    Blue/Grey Riven Cladding... Hand split like blue/grey paving but into thinner sheets for vertical wall cladding.
    Thickness:...Nominal thickness from approx. 10 to 20mm (0.5 - 0.75").
    Cover:.......Approx. 25 sq.m. (30 sq.yds.) per tonne.
  • Completely random as Crazy Paving
  • with sizes up to approx. 600x450mm (24"x18").

    Rustic Riven Cladding... Hand split like rustic paving but into thinner sheets for vertical wall cladding. Thickness and cover as Blue/Grey Cladding above.
  • Completely random as Crazy Paving
  • with sizes up to approx. 600x450mm (24"x18").

    Installation & maintenance... Delabole Slate Paving can be traditionally laid on a 2” (50mm) “dry” mix sand and cement screed. To improve adhesion paste the back with a neat slurry of cement or waterproof PVA.
    Lay with slight fall away from buildings and towards drainage to ensure the area paved sheds rainwater. This will minimise the build up of algae and maintain a good slip resistance.
    Where cutting is required, use a portable circular saw or angle grinder with a diamond blade. Use water to cool the blade, minimise dust generation and lubricate the cutting when possible. Wear a dust mask if dust occurs.

    For grouting we recommend 15 - 25mm wide joints filled with Wide Joint Flexible Stone Grout or 50/50 mix of sharp sand and cement with waterproofer addded.

    Cleaning... Keep paving clean when laying and grouting by wiping with a clean damp (squeezed out) sponge. Once dry, floor can be cleaned with soapy water.

    Aftercare... Wash down occasionally to remove any deposits from trees & birds and to keep the paving free from algae.

    Slip Resistance... All Delabole Slate Paving products have a high slip resistance and are suitable for all areas wet & dry. Any reduction of slip resistance is usually due to the presence of algae. It is good practice therefore, to wash down once or twice a year with the addition of an algae erradicator. We stock Lithofin Algex for this purpose but if not available and almost as good, wash down with a cupfull of household bleach to a bucket of water. Brush in and leave to soak in for an hour then hose down and flush away.

    Landscape and Paving
    Landscape and Paving
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